CS2 Android Data Privacy  
astragon Privacy Policy for mobile applications  
Thank you for your interest in our products and welcome to our Privacy Policy! Our company  
is astragon Entertainment GmbH, Am Wehrhahn 33, D-40211 Düsseldorf, hereinafter called  
. What is this all about?  
In the following we would like to explain you briefly astragon´s attitude towards data  
protection, how we protect your data and what consequences derive from using our programs.  
We understand the importance of protecting your privacy. Therefore, it´s common practice for  
us to comply with statutory provisions for data protection. Additionally it is also important to  
us that you always know when we collect data, store and how we process them. You may  
simulator.com/en/meta/cs2-android-data-privacy. By accepting this Privacy Policy it becomes  
part of the EULA. To make sure that we are all talking about the same issues we like to define  
a few terms. astragon is subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act. Personal data  
includes items of information about the personal or material circumstances of a specific or  
specifiable individual. In other "non-legal" words: Personal data is all and any information  
which makes you personally identifiable, such as address, name, phone numbers, etc.. All  
other data which cannot be used for identifying you is NOT personal data! Collection of data  
is the acquisition of data in respect to this specific person. Storage of data is gathering,  
recording and storing of personal data on a medium for the purpose of further processing or  
use. Data processing includes storing, changing, transferring, blocking and deleting of  
personal data.  
. When, how and why is data collected?  
astragon itself does not store and process any data which might identify you as an individual  
customer! We do not want to disturb your privacy. astragon is only interested in aggregated  
information helping us to continuously improve the quality of our games and to adapt them to  
the requirements of the customers. For this purpose we use services of third-party providers.  
Which providers support us in case of your App, can be viewed under item 3. In the case that  
you use a software version which allows the displaying of advertisements of products of  
foreign companies, we use other services from third-party providers. Which providers support  
us in case of your App, can be viewed under item 4. (Only in case of such software versions!)  
those third-party providers display advertisements of their own customers into the astragon  
product you are using. We have no influence on the personal data required for this purpose.  
To be able to use our app, you need to download them first. During the download data are  
being collected, stored and processed by the respective platform such as Apple iTunes,  
Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store. To find out, which platform applies to you, please  
see item 6. We have no influence on this data collection.  
. How, by whom and when will data be collected for quality assurance?  
As we have declared before, astragon is only interested in aggregated information helping us  
to keep improving the quality of our games and to adapt them to the requirements of the  
customers. For this purpose we use services of third-party providers. The data collected are  
only in anonymous form available to astragon! They are stored for the duration of the  
purchase of the game and can also be processed during this time. For this purpose astragon  
uses a software called GameAnalytics. GameAnalytics was developed by GameAnalytics  
ApS, Vesterbrogade 34, 4th floor, DK-1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark (hereinafter referred to  
as "GameAnalytics"). You can view the applicable data protection policy of GameAnalytics  
under the following link: http://www.gameanalytics.com/privacy  
GameAnalytics uses cookies that are stored on your end device allowing the analysis of your  
user behavior. The information generated by the cookie will also be stored by GameAnalytics  
abroad, in particular on servers in Denmark and the United States of America.. You can  
prevent the storage of cookies used by Game Analytics by refusing cookies in the "Settings"  
section of your device. In this case, however, the functionality of your app may be severely  
restricted. astragon also uses "FireBase" for analysis purposes.. The software „FireBase“ was  
developed by Google, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA  
(hereinafter referred to as "Google"). User data is transmitted only anonymously to Firebase.  
Google's data protection policy for "Firebase" can be found at the following link:  
. Who collects the data from ad-supported products?  
Your product is not ad-supported.  
. Is there an interactive connection to Facebook?  
While playing the game you can get connected to your Facebook profile. In this way it is  
possible to share achievements and screenshots with your Facebook network and to take part  
in marketing offers (e.g. reward for a facebook like). Because of this connection the following  
data collected by Facebook will be provided to astragon: e-mail address; the public profile,  
(first and last name, if filed at Facebook, profile photo, sex and age ); list of friends also using  
game apps. astragon transfers the following [data] to Facebook: name of marketing offer. By  
creating a link to your Facebook profile you agree that the data is processed and transferred  
for these purposes astragon has no influence on how Facebook uses the collected data. We  
refer to the following privacy policy: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy  
. Does the provider of the Download Platform collect data?  
Depending on what hardware you have (Apple product, Android device or Windows Phone  
product), the app will be offered via the corresponding matching platform.  
The provider of the platform collects data. astragon has no influence and no access to the data.  
In case that you use an Android device data will be collected, stored and processed by  
. Can I delete the data and/or find out which personal data are stored about me?  
The consent granted herein is voluntary and may be revoked with effect for the future if  
astragon has collected the data for quality assurance purposes (see item 3). The revocation can  
be sent by email to datenschutz@astragon.de. In case of revocation the data will be deleted  
without undue delay. If astragon cannot arrange the deletion, astragon is obliged to forward  
the request to the relevant companies. If you like to revoke your consent in respect to items 4  
to 6, please contact the above-mentioned third-party providers or platform providers. We like  
to advise you that in this case you might not be able to use the concerning app or platform any  
. What are the consequences of accepting this privacy policy?  
By installing the software you agree to the usage of the aforementioned data according to the