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Construction Simulator 2   Livestream Playsession

For all who missed our livestream playsession with Thomas and Fabian of the weltenbauer. developer team, here is the link to the video on YouTube:


Construction Simulator 2   NewsWatch TV Review

The editors of the US-american TV show AMC NewsWatch Television have taken a closer look at Construction Simulator 2.


Construction Simulator 2   Developer Diary #2: CAT 349F

In our latest developer diary the weltenbauer. developer team offers some deeper insights into the development process and explains how a crawler excavator like the Caterpillar 349F finds its way into the game. We hope you enjoy watching!


Construction Simulator 2   Store Trailer

Today we are happy to present our latest official trailer for Construction Simulator 2. For all who don't own the game yet here are the links:

Construction Simulator 2 for iPhone®, iPad® on the Apple® App Store®:

Construction Simulator 2 on Google Play®:


Construction Simulator 2   Caterpillar Trailer

Here is a small trailer showing our officially licensed Caterpillar® vehicles and machines in Construction Simulator 2. Did you already manage to integrate all of the Caterpillar machines into your vehicle fleet?