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Construction Simulator 2   Statistics

Since Construction Simulator 2 for iOS and Android is available in the mobile stores for almost a month, we thought it is a good time to present you some interesting statistics.


Construction Simulator 2   How did you name your construction company?

A closer look at our homebase in Construction Simulator 2. We are curious: How did you name your construction company? Let us know in the comments!


Construction Simulator 2   Vehicle fleet

By popular request we are happy to show you the list of all vehicles and construction machines included in Construction Simulator 2 for iOS and Android today. Really impressive!

Construction Simulator 2   Release trailer & Price

Attention mobile constructors! The release of Construction Simulator 2 is getting closer and closer. Therefore, we are happy to present you today the official trailer of the game:

Construction Simulator 2 will become available for iPhone® and iPad® as well as smartphones and tablets using the Android™ operating system on March 23rd, 2017. The game can be found in the Apple® App Store® and on Google Play® for 4.99 Euro / 4.99 USD / 3.99 GBP.

Construction Simulator 2   Construction site in Northridge

Today we are proceeding to action building up a appartement complex in Northridge. A truly impressive construction site!


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