Frequently Asked Questions

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  • CS 2015
  • CS 2014
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Technical questions

Which devices will be supported?
Cloud Saving Feature supported?
The app crashes when loading a mission. What can I do?
Can the app be installed on several devices by using the same Apple ID?
I need help. Is there a support team?


Where can I buy your app?
Will all of the app's content be available to me after purchasing the app?
What are Coins?
It's taking me too long to unlock new vehicles. Is there another way of buying new vehicles?


Which license partners are included?
Why is the vehicle trader offering only a limited choice of vehicles and machines?

User Interface

Where can I get new construction contracts?
How do I order a crane to the construction site?
How do I open the map?
There are iomportant places missing on the map. How do I find the way to the vehicle trader, the materials trader or the gravel pit?

General questions

When will the game be released?
Will there be an apple tv version?
How much will it cost?
Which languages will be supported?
Will there be a demo/light/free version?
Will there be a multiplayer mode?
Where can I read the privacy policy?
Do you track data and what do you do with it?


What new features are there?
Will there be in cab view?


Which steering methods are supported?
Will (Hardware) controllers for mobile devices be supported?

iPhone and iPad specific

Why can't I hear any sound on my device?