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Construction Simulator 2   Accolade Trailer

Construction Simulator 2 is not only very popular within the player community but also with the media. In order to properly celebrate this success we have created an "Accolade Trailer" containing some of the best media quotes. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we do!


Construction Simulator 2   Liebherr L546 wheel loader at the virtual vehicle hall

Here is a closer look at the Liebherr L546 wheel loader of Construction Simulator 2 for iPhone®, iPad® and smartphones and tablets using Android™. Did you already have a chance to check it out?


Construction Simulator 2   Release trailer & Price

Attention mobile constructors! The release of Construction Simulator 2 is getting closer and closer. Therefore, we are happy to present you today the official trailer of the game:

Construction Simulator 2 will become available for iPhone® and iPad® as well as smartphones and tablets using the Android™ operating system on March 23rd, 2017. The game can be found in the Apple® App Store® and on Google Play® for 4.99 Euro / 4.99 USD / 3.99 GBP.

Construction Simulator 2   Bell B45E at the virtual vehicle hall

Today we give you a first insight into the virtual vehicle hall of Construction Simulator 2. The vehicle hall will not only offer the opportunity to get a detailed look at your vehicles but also the option to repair them if needed. A really cool feature!

Construction Simulator 2   Community Event

Here are some impressions of our Construction Simulator 2 community event which took place at the weltenbauer. developer studio in Wiesbaden (Germany) in early December. Some of our German fans used the opportunity to test the game for the first time themselves. We hope you enjoy the video!


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