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Construction Simulator 2   Statistics

Since Construction Simulator 2 for iOS and Android is available in the mobile stores for almost a month, we thought it is a good time to present you some interesting statistics.


Construction Simulator 2   Making Of: Sound Recording

In order to make the sound effects in Construction Simulator 2 as realistic as possible, we have created an extensive set of ambient and vehicle sounds of real construction machines. Here is a little insight into our sound recording session:


Construction Simulator 2   Happy Easter

The Construction Simulator team wishes a happy Easter! How many Easter eggs are hidden in this screenshot? We are already looking forward if you will find them all. Write us the number here into the comments!


Construction Simulator 2   Preparations for the Easter holidays

The preparations for the Easter holidays are in full swing! Did you already hide some Easter eggs?


Construction Simulator 2   Exciting entertainment for the Easter days

For all who are searching for some exciting entertainment for the Easter days and don't own Construction Simulator 2 yet, here once again the links to the game in the mobile stores:

Construction Simulator 2 for iPhone®, iPad® on the Apple® App Store®:

Construction Simulator 2 for Android™ devices on Google Play®:



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